Taycon Risk

Turning Hard Risk into Smart Risk. We are an MGA that specializes in coverage for niche markets, hard-to-place, or unusually complex commercial risk.


To those who chafe at the status quo, who embrace risk and create change, we’ve got you covered. Our job at Taycon Risk is to give society’s risk-takers cover, giving them the confidence to push us all towards a brighter future. We will work with you to build tools that help turn complex situations into manageable solutions for your clients.

Beat the DRUM for Taycon’s New Risks

Taycon understands the challenges brokers face in finding client solutions. Our goal at Taycon is to enhance the effectiveness of accessing underwriting solutions. This led to the development of DRUM:

Digital: A modern, progressive format

Rating: The essence of an MGA to assess risk

Underwriting: The conclusion of the process—a digitally rated, underwritten risk

Manager: Accessibility for brokers to control their policies

Let’s collaborate to discover these solutions!


Who we are for

  • We’re for the independent broker, the oddball carrier and the non-conforming client who breaks the algorithm.
  • We’re for commercial risk.
  • We’re for the edge case, the offbeat, the curveball.
  • We’re for folks who lean into risk with eyes wide open, who understand the importance of knowing the risk.
  • We’re not for the mainstream. We’re for the downstream, after the usual suspects have said no.

We at Taycon understand broker’s frustrations in getting quotes. To make it easier on you, we can accept your standard submissions.

All submissions are uploaded into our state-of-the-art system, which in turn allows us to generate a quick response, reducing your time, and ours.