Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

In today’s global economy, it’s a very real threat: the possibility of kidnap, extortion or illegal detention. Each year, there are about 15,000 such incidents, and they generate about half a billion dollars in ransoms paid to criminals and their causes.

If your executives and employees travel internationally (or even within your own borders), they may be at risk. And if an event occurs, the costs to your organization could be significant — even if no ransom is paid.

To ensure that your executives, key people or their loved ones are safely returned, a strategic kidnap and ransom insurance solution is essential.

We have access to both land and marine kidnap and ransom coverages.

Target Markets

    • Land Kidnap
      • Anyone with overseas exposure, travel or with permanent operations in countries with a medium to high exposure of kidnapping or extortion.
      • Manufacturers and construction companies
      • Oil & gas
      • Educational institutions
      • Healthcare institutions
      • Leisure, hotels and entertainment industries
      • Media and technology companies
      • Professional service companies
      • Public sector companies
      • Retailers and wholesalers
      • Transportation companies
      • Sports teams and organisations
      • High profile individuals
      • High net worth individuals and families
      • Charities
    • Marine Kidnap
      • Ship Owners
      • Ship Managers
      • Charterers of Vessels
      • Yacht Owners

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    Product Highlights

    • Land Kidnap
      • Ransom reimbursement
      • Loss of ransom during transit
      • Unlimited response consultant costs
      • Additional expenses
      • Legal liability
      • Personal accident
      • Kidnap and extortion
      • Wrongful detention
      • Hijack and hostage crisis
      • Disappearance investigation
      • Single trips or annual policies
      • Available Options:
        • Emergency political evacuation and repatriation
        • Express kidnap
        • Threat and assault
        • Business interruption
        • Tiger kidnap
    • Marine Kidnap
      • Extended personal accident benefits
      • Ransom in transit
      • Additional expense coverage
      • Loss of hire
      • Legal liability
      • 24/7 access to expert response consultants
      • Limits up to $25,000,000 for kidnap & ransom and loss of hire combined
      • Standalone loss of hire coverage available
      • Nil deductibles
      • Available as single transit cover or worldwide annual fleet coverage