Help Us Fix the Flow

Custom broker APIs are here to stay and need to be talked about.

Taycon understands the challenges brokers face when it comes to providing today’s clients with the same experience huge tech companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have trained all of us to expect as normal.

We’ve put a lot of time and energy into ensuring you have the tools you need to give your policy holders a place to connect and as importantly, made it easy for your team to integrate into their workflows.

Our Digital Ecosystem has been designed with Brokers in mind

We’re here to help manage the process of finding capacity and connecting those that want to write business with brokers that need to place a client’s exposure.

Taycon has built a white labeled API interface that will allow brokers to have clients click to receive quotes and feedback in real time. This technology is supported by a world leading API provider and will give your team a new tool in their toolbox. Let’s start the conversation today.

Making your underwriting life easier

By combining 50 years of MGA and retail insurance experience, our goal is to not simply create a portal or “insurance packages”, but rather help you build a policy with coverages that will help support you and your client.

This may include customized programs, broker driven API interfaces for you and your client or simply providing you a quote in a timely manner.

Better Story, Smarter Underwriting

When you combine easy-use-tech to collect better data you save time; time that can be invested into understanding of the risk more fully. This leads to smarter underwriting and better coverage.

How does this work?

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